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The Caballeros de Vargas are once again presenting the Tres Reyes Magos Virtual Play. You can watch it from the comfort of your home on Thursday, January 6th, 2022 at the following times.

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The production will be televised on Local Access Television. Channel 16 on Xfinity.

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“2020 Tres Reyes Magos”

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Diego de Vargas

Diego José de Vargas Zapata Luján Ponce de León y Contreras was born in Madrid in 1643 to Alonso de Vargas and María Margarita Contreras y Arráiz. His was an illustrious family, though not among the monarch’s inner circle.

La Conquistadora

La Conquistadora was the most valuable piece of religious art in all of New Mexico. Created in Spain and transported to colonial Mexico by ship, the statue had been brought to New Mexico on the Camino Real (Royal Road) by December 1625.

The De Vargas descendants have given the Caballeros a document, study of the parts of the De Vargas Coat-of Arms, but its length and details warrant only a brief summary here as follows:

First of all, the escudo-de- armas’ according the heraldic usage of many centuries, is divided simply into four parts or quarters: upper right and upper left; lower right and lower left; in addition, the use of symbolic crown above the arms signifies the simple fact that this particular family coat-of-arms is legal and authentic and belonged to a family loyal to the Spanish Crown; and as such, is catalogued in Spain’s Heraldic offices.

Second, the specific parts or quarters contain the traditional symbols that have meaning with regards to the family’s history and name.

Third, the explanation of De Vargas’ family names is as follows:
Upper left quarter – Three silver waves on a blue field, which uniquely enough, do not refer to any Vargas family name, but interestingly enough, to none other than the principal Santo Patron de Madrid, the humble share-cropper San Ysidro Labrador.  This farmer and his wife worked for the Vargas family of Madrid and out of pride in his patronage, the Ivan Vargas family, in the 12 century, courteously gave a quarter of their escudo-de-armas de familia to honor the memory of a famous miracle that San Ysidro favored them with.  This miracle consisted of saving a daughter of the Vargas family’ from drowning in a deep well, with the help and prayer of ‘El Santo Labrador.’
Upper Right Quarter – Two main symbols, the one in the lion which represents the De León side of the family, the other, the vertical stripes which represents the Ponce branch of the family.  From these two symbols come the names of Ponce de León.
Lower left Quarter – Five zapatos (shoes) represents the Vargas family name Zapata.
Lower Right Quarter – An artistic quarter-within-large quarter part represents Los Torres de Luxán another De Vargas famous family connection.  The official imperial prison was the famous Torres de Los Luxánes, whose family and properties were part of Don Diego’s history.  As a matter of fact Don Diego was born not more than a small block from these Torres, which today house the Casa Municipal Vieja de Madrid, near the historic Plaza Mayor de Madrid.  Therefore, by putting together the symbolism of the four quarters that comprise the escudo-de- armas de las Familia de Vargas, we arrive at the reason why Don Diego used, legally and proudly, this said coat-of arms.

It must be understood by the Caballeros that Don Diego, while he brought this coat-of-arms to Santa Fe and New Mexico, it does not, anywhere give us the symbolism of the used name of Vargas. The coat-of arms give use, simply these meanings: Zapata y Luján Ponce de León, all of which symbols and names belonged to him as a legitimate descendant. After De Vargas’ time even to now, the descendants of De Vargas at various times, either added or subtracted or modified the symbols allowed on their current coat-of arms.
Therefore, the Caballeros graciously and proudly use the official coat-of-arms of Don Diego himself used from 1692 until his death in 1704.

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2020 Tres Reyes Magos

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